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Tom Langerbartels, Migros Aid Board Member, shares a Story about What Mentoring looks Like

By Tom Langerbartels

It was a sunny and relatively warm November day.  I was driving north on I-65 with my four young friends to get horse manure from a buddy’s farm for my compost heap.  I had hired Nuru, Isaac, Along, and Mulumba to work for me giving them a chance to get away from the city and earn a little bit of cash.  These guys are a subset of a group boys, ages 11-14, that I mentor at the Migros Aid weekly CARE Club. My goal is to get them out of their environment to teach them some of the skills they’ll need to know in order to function in American culture – work ethic, social interaction, language proficiencies etc.  Realizing I’m not exemplary at any of these things, I’m still attempting to follow Jesus’ example of discipleship – instruct as you go using metaphors generated by the current activity to highlight the kingdom of God and it’s reigning King.