More Students Asking for Tutoring With Homework


Imagine moving to a new country as a refugee and the trauma fleeing a war zone that you know as home.   As most refugees  come to America, the children absorb and learn English much faster than their parents.  However,   many of them struggle in school and do not have the ability to get help with homework at home because their parents still cannot read or speak English well enough to help them with their 7th grade English writing assignment or math homework.   This is the reality even thought  they have been settled in America for a couple of years

“Can we come to the English club to get help with our homework?”  asks young refugee students with excitement.

“Yes!  You can come and you are always welcome!”  I reply to them.

“We were looking at the window for the van to pull up for one hour” one refugee student tells me after getting in the van.
If you are able to come help tutor students with their homework, please contact us to get involved.



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