Say Noh and the Singing of the National Anthem every Week


One of our routines every week at Migros Aid English Club is to sing the America National Anthem.   The majority in the room only listen and some put their right hand over their heart and others put their left hands over their chest.

We say every week,    “Welcome to America!  We are so happy you are here.  Please listen to America’s song and one day you will sing it together with us!  ”

I am not sure if they understand but I am sure some do and perhaps their children tell them what is said.

I try to imagine the long journeys that most in the room have taken.  What do they think or grieve about seeing the American flag?   Do they have hope?

Sah Noh is originally from Myanmar (formerly Burma) and sent me this photo he had taken of himself next to the flag.    He has been around since the beginning and has progressed in his English but still has a long way to go.




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