‘Back To School’ Party moved to Friday, Aug 3 due to rain at Stratford Apartments

We are having a “Back To School” Outreach event at Stratford Apartments on Aug 3!  You can help make it a fruitful event by coming to help volunteer and make a financial donation to cover our expenses.   Click here to donate 
We will be promoting and letting kids know about our “Homework Club” (Tutoring Program) for the fall, as well as other Migros Aid programs to help our friends flourish who are living in the area!   (i.e. the creation of C.A.R.E. Teams and S.E.R.V.E. Partners to better help our friends from around the globe)
Our main goal for the evening  is to have fun and create a space for people like you to come and love on and encourage some amazing kids, teens, and families living in our city from across the globe.   We anticipate close to 100 to come out!

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.   It will be a great way to meet some of the international community in our city and have a fun evening!

We will be grilling out and doing games, prizes, and more.   We will have some bouncy castles for the kids to jump on and enjoy and setting up a soccer field for soccer games.

DATE:       Friday, Aug 3, 2018 . (moved to Friday due to rain)

WHERE:   Stratford Apartments  –  3201 Watergate Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46224

TIME:        6.30 – 8.30 PM

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