Throughout this year of a global pandemic, many have struggled to stay employed and pay rent- facing the real possibility of eviction. The immigrant, refugee communities comprise nearly 10% of the population of Marion County. So many in this population do not have other family members nearby or support systems like other Hoosiers.

Migros Aid, Inc. works with refugees throughout the city and has been serving a Muslim family who fled Syria and who have been in America since 2017. Their family of 7 live in a 3-bedroom apartment and nearly faced eviction due to COVID-19 and not being able to work in December.

Through the generosity of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, St. George’s Orthodox Christian Church, one individual, and Migros Aid, their December rent was paid. and help with their utility bills was provided.

When the body of Christ comes together to help and serve the least of these in our community, it is a beautiful thing and displays to the world what the church is all about.

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