Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Updated Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values

Thank you to all of the volunteers and the Migros Aid board for giving input and suggestions on our revised mission and vision statements. We have been in a process of collecting input this year from our team to communicate what we are about. As every organization evolves and grows, it is always crucial to adapt and update the mission, vision, and core values. We believe this will help guide our efforts into the future and increase our ability to share our mission and vision with a wider audience to be able to have a greater capacity of impact.


Our mission is to create belonging among immigrants and refugees by facilitating transformative relationships through holistic mentoring. 


Our vision is to promote a welcoming community of hospitality that creates human flourishing, self-sufficiency, and transformation – while reducing isolation and fear.

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One Life at a Time

One Life at a Time

When one thinks of issues of injustice and poverty and sees those who struggle, we can be left to feel hopeless and feel that we can never make a difference. When we read statistics of global migration and the millions of refugees that live in the world, it makes us throw our arms up and want to give up.

However, when we show up and engage and meet one person who might be in a hard place,  change is possible.    This is what Migros Aid is about.

We can get lost in strategy, budgets, and planning – although this is important- we want to empower one life at a time.   Our value and vision is a relationship.

We do this through our weekly Homework club (tutoring) and weekly CARE Club.  We do this through Migros Mentors who connect with a family to be a friend and help guide along the way.

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Our 2019 (Session 1) of C.A.R.E. Club ended with a Christmas Party, Gift Distribution, and Sharing the Jesus Story

Our 2019 (Session 1) of C.A.R.E. Club ended with a Christmas Party, Gift Distribution, and Sharing the Jesus Story

We had our final C.A.R.E. Club on December 19, 2019.    This was the final session for session #1.    We were so encouraged to have 98 students participate in our first session of C.A.R.E. Club in 2019.

The session was 23 weeks (August – December).   We met each week and shared a meal, broke into small groups, and then had activities for students to engage with.     We developed a values-based curriculum with the letters of C.A.R.E. guiding teaching and  conversation:    (Communication,  Aspirations,  Respect, Empowerment)

We had 3 vans that operate and transport those who come.     The adults who come practice their English.

We were able to distribute backpacks that were filled with a gift and practical items and a Bible.   We gave over 84 on December 19!

Please pray for the lives of the refugee students we are investing in and for 2020.   Please contact us if you want to get involved.