Throughout this year of a global pandemic, many have struggled to stay employed and pay rent- facing the real possibility of eviction. The immigrant, refugee communities comprise nearly 10% of the population of Marion County. So many in this population do not have other family members nearby or support systems like other Hoosiers.

Migros Aid, Inc. works with refugees throughout the city and has been serving a Muslim family who fled Syria and who have been in America since 2017. Their family of 7 live in a 3-bedroom apartment and nearly faced eviction due to COVID-19 and not being able to work in December.

Through the generosity of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, St. George’s Orthodox Christian Church, one individual, and Migros Aid, their December rent was paid. and help with their utility bills was provided.

When the body of Christ comes together to help and serve the least of these in our community, it is a beautiful thing and displays to the world what the church is all about.

Day Trips Around the City

Day Trips Around the City

We have had great fun taking several day trips for teens and kids involved with Migros Aid this year.     For any kid to be able to go anywhere and have new experience aids in a child’s development.

We are grateful to the Indy 11 professional soccer team for providing over 40 free tickets to Migros for two different games over the summer.

We have also been able to take kids downtown and local parks in Indianapolis.

5 Reasons to Get Our New ‘Welcome To America’ Yard Sign that is in 12 languages

5 Reasons to Get Our New ‘Welcome To America’ Yard Sign that is in 12 languages



We have created a yard sign that is 9” x 24”.  It is a unique vertical sign and has the the word “welcome” in twelve languages.  You can use as a yard sign or hang in your garage or home/office!    Here are five reasons to get one today:

1.)  Help advocate for refugee immigrants, locally and globally
2.)  Create conversations with your neighbors
3.)  Open doors for conversations with internationals in your community who see it
4.)  Help support the work of Migros Aid
5.)  Use as a reminder to pray for the immigrant/refugee community in your community and around the globe

The following languages are on the sign:  (from top to bottom)

  • Arabic
  • French
  • Burmese
  • Karera Rwandan
  • Korean
  • Somalian
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Swahili
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Persian

Get one sent to your home or office today.  ($10 plus shipping)   Order on Ebay here  

(If you live in the Indianapolis, you can pick up at our offices to avoid paying shipping)


Our 1st Weekly ‘HomeWork Club’ Was Launched on Sep 5!

Our 1st Weekly ‘HomeWork Club’ Was Launched on Sep 5!

As our growth continues,  we have started ‘Homework Club’ on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 – 4:30.    We were offered a free room at the apartment leasing office and our first Homework Club was this week on September 5.

Although the kids enjoyed a 4 day weekend (Labor day and a teacher’s work day) ,  14 kids came.   We had 8 volunteers.  Thanks for all you who came to serve.    Most of the children’s parents do not speak English and cannot help with their homework.

Yes, we will be doing this weekly.   Please contact us for more information!    It is just 1 hour:  3:30 – 4:30 in the Speedway area of Indianapolis.

Partnership with ‘Sweet Dreams Project’ of St. John’s Episcopal Church to help Refugees get Mattresses

Partnership with ‘Sweet Dreams Project’ of St. John’s Episcopal Church to help Refugees get Mattresses


Getting a new start in a new country is not easy.   We have discovered many refugees families that are without adequate beds for their families.  There are families that are sleeping on the floor, including the kids.  Migros Aid Indy has helped get new mattresses to refugee families in need.   Thank you ‘Sweet Dreams Project’ for this effort and the partnership.

Mohammad and his family have been in the United States for over two years and come from Iraq and attend the Migros Aid Indy English Clubs.   Their family of 7 are in a two bedroom apartment.




Children at “English Club for Refugees”

Thank you to Ben and Kattie Potter who volunteer to cordinate helping with the children of  the refugees.  This allows their moms and dads to be in class and practice their English. Many of the children speak much better English than their parents but need help with homework and someone to practice English with.  If you would like to help, please contact us.

How many Refugees are Coming to Indianapolis?

Two main organizations facilitate the migration of refugees into Indianapolis: Exodus and Catholic Relief Services.  They both do extensive, great work.

Exodus resettled 892 new persons in 2015. According to Catholic Charities,  over 600 refugees were settled in 2015.  

So that is 1,492 in 2015 between the two groups, about 125 per month.

According to Indiana Public Data Utility,   International immigration totaled 5,161 in the city in 2015.   Immigrants are individuals who choose to move to the United States because of family, marriage, or work. Refugees are forced out of their home nation because of war and normally live in exile for an extended period of time before moving.

Indianapolis residents represent about 120 different nationalities.   (Source: Minority Business ,  3rd Qtr 2016)

The state of Indiana was home to 314,501 immigrants in 2013. (Source: Minority Business ,  3rd Qtr 2016)